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Hello random internet user, and welcome to my world! It may not be much, but it's home. I hope to fill this site with content that is unabashedly "me"-- which will be a net positive for the economy, because I have excellent taste in things.

This website is still under construction, but the links mostly direct to real pages. Please enjoy your stay in the meantime, and visit my site profile and guestbook while you're at it!

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Another small visual update. Added some fancy-schmancy buttons to my nav bar and renamed the gallery to the museum because... well, I personally felt it was a little more apt. I want to find more image generators and interactive things to slap on there.


Visual update! Oh god I'm so sorry to anyone who saw this site before I fixed the layout fully. TL;DR it would display fine at 90% zoom but not on any other zoom level and it was... weird. God I love my spaghetti code. Anyways, hopefully it looks nice! I've pretty much ditched the tables at this point, save for on the blog. I'll update that whenever I feel like it.


Eh, screw it. The graphics gallery is finally up! And chances are it will continue to be updated on-and-off for a while. Also, I edited down my about page and added a (dead) link to a shrines page, since that's something I've seen around and wanna try my hand at. Onward to building the shrines landing page!


Some more minor aesthetic tweaks. I'm almost done compiling all the resources I want to showcase in the graphic gallery! (The biggest hurdle, of course, is making my collection unique enough for anyone to care about, LOL)


Minor aesthetic changes. New blog post too (I'll find some other place to announce those later). I realized I've been looking at the site in 80% zoom the whole time so I'm trying to zoom everything out a bit. It needs to fit my vision!!


The blog has been constructed and the very first post has been made! I will definitely be editing it in the near future for a nicer look and organization system. Still, please do check it out!


Home page is in a good enough state that I can stop focusing on it for a little while. About page has been constructed and filled with some content. B) Onward to the Blog and Gallery pages!


Site created! Huh, I wonder if exclusively editing it in the Neocities editor is gonna bug anyone. Hope not, because I can't be assed to figure out why Notepad doesn't wanna cooperate.

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Q: Who's the green-haired guy? Is that you?
A: God, I wish. His name's Satan, or Dark Prince in localizations. He's from the Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo video game series.

Q: Where are your site images from?
A: Most of my site images are sourced from free-to-use galleries and the Puyo Preservation Archive. You can find out where everything's from in the Museum!

Q: Can I email you, even if just to talk?
A: Sure! I set up an email specifically for this site to see what would come of it. We'll see the fruits of that sometime, I suppose.

Q: Why did you call it an FAQ if no one's actually asked you these questions?
A: ...Okay, now you're asking too much of me. CUT! CUT!! FAQ over!

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