"You're in his DMs, I'm trying to explode him with my mind."

Name: Medley
Gender: Dude
Pronouns: he/him, thon/thons
Sexuality: Aroace
Birthday: September 18th, 2002
Hobbies: Gaming, drawing, writing, talking about the Toledo War
Likes: Ducks, slimes, watching mediocre YouTube webseries
Dislikes: Dogs, modernism, making phone calls
Main Interests: The Legend of Zelda, Puyo Puyo, Dragon Quest, One Piece, Rune Factory, Ace Attorney/Ghost Trick, Mob Psycho 100, SMG4, various YouTube white boys

Well, hello there! I'm the webmaster of this little site here on Neocities!

I've always wanted a website, ever since I first laid my hands on the greater Internet. I love endless customization, I love forcing anyone who comes into contact with me to listen to my music, and I love having my own space to exist in the way that I do. Social media always has you trying to chase numbers, y'know? But I'm always jumping from place to place at speeds faster than anyone can really put up with! To that end, I'm glad that I've stuck with this HTML coding thing enough to bring this site into the world. Usually my projects don't get this far before I forget about them...

Anyways, let's talk about me. I'm a part-time copy-cataloger at my local library, part-time commission artist, and I live in Michigan. I haven't gone to college yet, but when I eventually earn enough money to go without getting myself into incredible amounts of debt, I want to study Library Sciences and secure a full-time position cataloging books. (What can I say? Staring at code on computer screens comes easy to me.)

Growing up, I was surrounded by video games. My dad used to review them as a hobby/extra source of income, so my history with the GCN/DS/Wii era of Nintendo is pretty rich. I consider myself to be about average-to-good at video games most of the time, but I might be a bit skewed. A lot of my friends are also pretty damn good at video games, so I might be doubting myself a bit. :P

I'm a casual collector of figures, plushes, and Dragon Quest Slime merchandise. Ok, maybe not so casual, I have... a lot of figures and plushes. Pretty much every shelf in my room is full of them. I get attached to objects really easily, so I'm a bit worried I'll end up a hoarder. B-But what if I get lonely without my Build-a-Bear plushes from when I was 9 that I don't even play around with anymore??? Oh, it's just too hard to let go...

I consider myself fairly social online. I practically grew up here-- I would have said "for better or worse" here, but it's definitely for worse. That being said, I've made a lot of friends that I cherish on the World Wide Web, and I wouldn't trade any of them away for anything. Semi-related: if you ever want to talk to me, I have a contact email that you can reach me at anytime! Oh, and there is the chatterbox on the homepage too, but I can't guarantee you my full undivided attention. :V

I think that's all I have to say for now. Thanks for checking my page out! Have a good day!