Update of 11/18

Posted on: 11/18/2022

Hi guys! I lost 3 months of my life to an impulsively purchased copy of Splatoon 3. It's fun!

That means that, as usual, a lot of my website plans have fallen to the wayside a bit. All I have to say is... oops! Unfortunately, it's still a pretty busy week for me, so don't expect anything big anytime soon. In the meantime, let's chat! Well. Let me dump everything that's happened on you completely unprompted while you sit and listen! (Yeah, that's better).

My 20th birthday (which was 2 months ago. Wack.) was probably my favorite birthday of my life. You see, Ninja Sex Party was playing in Detroit literally on the date. It couldn't have been better timing, honestly! It was basically my first real concert (I don't count the Zelda Symphony from when I was a kid, because people aren't really hooting and hollering at orchestral concerts), so I was both terrified and excited. Thankfully, the Masonic Temple is a smaller venue, and we got box seats (or "muppet booth seats", as he called them) so I wasn't like, entirely lost in a sea of screaming fans. It was great! Why was the intermission so loud! I walked out with a headache so bad that I threw up at home! But it was still the best birthday of my life. Maybe that says a lot about me. Dunno.

I also bought Splatoon 3! It's probably my game of the year. I've won both Splatfests I participated in, and I think(?) I'm pretty good at it? Well, I'm good enough. I still can't tell some of the weapons apart, but the only thing that matters is that I know when the other team is going to be spamming Tenta Missiles, right? Anyways. Salmon Run is my favored game mode because I hate fun. I ended up better befriending someone I met during the Deserted Island Splatfest because of it, actually. We run Salmon shifts pretty regularly now, and complain about the weapon rotation every time because we're toxic and it's funny.

I also went to Hell! Hell, Michigan, that is. It was a mostly unplanned roadtrip with my good pal Bucket. The actual place was... a lot smaller than I expected, but minigolf was fun, and there was a cider mill with the best warm donuts I've had in a while. I want to have more vacations, it sucks that I have to work? And like... finish my creative projects? Fuck, dude. Now it's cold outside too? Life's so unfair.

At least my work schedule is good, and I'm pretty good at what I do. Ever wonder who gets all the information about books onto your local library's website? Ever wonder who puts the stickers and labels on them? That's me, baby. One of my favorite pastimes is taking the stickers off of DVD/CD cases and making collages out of them, so I'm kind of living the life. But man, I gotta exercise more. My old job had me walking around pretty much all shift, so I'm kind of slacking. Bleh. (And again, it's getting so cold outside! It's unfair!)

So, that's probably all of it. Not much is really happening otherwise, it's more or less the same every day. Of course I'm trying to work on commissions to get a new computer, which has been tough as my hand sometimes just forgets how to draw. But hopefully the waning life of my current computer will motivate me! My laptop's so broken that I can't close it anymore in fear of damaging the screen! That's gotta be enough to get myself off my ass, right?

Eh, who knows.

This is Medley, signing off.