unnamed blog post 2

Posted on: 06/07/2022

Here we are! Blog post 2! Clearly I was doing something right if you opened this post up, right? I mean, no one would ever click "unnamed blog post 2" without looking at the first blog post. That title implies there's some sort of link between them! That this is a sequel!

Oh, but just so you're aware, this isn't really a sequel. I mean, context from the last one might help, but I'm not really expanding on anything I said there.

Anywho, it's Tuesday, and I'm enjoying a day off. I spent most of today doing fuck-all, with sporadic bursts of activity that I mostly put into my website. It's getting to a point where I'm almost proud to show it off to people! But there is more work that must be done, like making those two pages I put on the nav bar FOREVER ago that still don't exist!

In addition, I've been helping my friend work on her site. That's been its own set of challenges-- and this is mostly on me, because I'm a bad teacher. My biggest problem is that I'm pretty bad at gauging the baseline knowledge that other people have. Often times I will simply give up and say "fine, here's the thing" and do all the work myself. Not great. I mean, it's less headache for everyone, but that's not how you learn, necessarily.

After all that, I sat around for another friend's playthrough of Needy Streamer Overload (jeez Medley, who let you have TWO FRIENDS?). We've almost seen all the endings! It's a really interesting game, but I should warn you, dear reader, there is Capital C Content inside. Lots of stuff about drug overdose and suicide and the like-- and just in general, if you've lived on social media at all, it can be pretty hard to stomach sometimes. It's a game that really has its finger on the pulse of internet culture, which is simultaneously very captivating and horrifying.

...The music also slaps.

In addition, I beat Rocket Slime 3: Pirate and Platywag a couple days ago. It was... overwhelmingly mid. You see, ever since I hacked my 3DS about a year ago, I've been slowly completing all the Japan-only sequels to my beloved childhood games. (Surprise surprise, only Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 has proven to be better than its predecessor, so far.) For comparison's sake, and also so I can maybe build a shrine later, I plan to replay Rocket Slime DS. Mind you, there is no doubt in my mind that it is better than the 3DS sequel. Even as a child, I was always correct. Do not question me.

I'm also working on a file of Chibi-Robo: Clean Sweep. That's been more fun, even if there are some things that irk me about it. Granted, you have to sacrifice a lot to go from Gamecube to DS, so I have been a little nicer to it than I was to Rocket Slime. The platforming is a little easier with stylus controls and a better free camera, but I hate the plug throwing mechanic. It only wants to work half the time, and it makes me want to kill someone. Just in general, any mechanics the game didn't borrow from its predecessor tend to be a little confusing to operate properly and precisely. Like that dumb tomato guitar, how does that even work?

Pretty much all of this likely doesn't land with you, and I must apologize. I have this disease where I only think about semi-obscure games from the GCN-DS eras. You will probably see a lot of this in future journal posts when I feel I need to fill space. If I know anything in this world, it isn't vis art, it's video games.

That being said, I believe I've run out of things to talk about. Tomorrow's a big day! I'm going to hang out with someone IRL, which should be fun. It's another excuse to visit my favorite sushi place. If we get up to anything interesting, I'll be sure to post about it.