I'm A Gonna Do Somethin'

Posted on: 08/28/2022

Good morning! Well, you're probably not reading this in the morning, if I had to guess-- but for me, it's 9 AM, so it is morning indeed.

Website progress is going well! I was going to start working on my commissions page, or maybe the Rune Factory 3 shrine, but today God had other plans, so instead I'm going to make headway on the one and only CHIBI-ROBO SHRINE! HOO-HAH! If all goes well, I can probably put it up within the week. (Oh, wait, I have to make my shrine landing page look pretty too? Ahh, fuck. Websites are hard.)

But all that aside! What has been going on in the life of a Medley?

I started training at my new job. Of course, given that it's an event in the life of me specifically, it's been anything but normal. Our library's biggest vendor is dealing with a ransomware attack, and as you'd expect, this is driving everyone in my department crazy. Except for me, I'm just chillin'. Unpacking boxes and stuff. But like, wow. The timing is incredible.

I'm not going to be able to decorate my desk until the next time that I'm scheduled to work there, which is next Wednesday. It's being held hostage by the entire Circulation Assistant crew until they get their cubicle rotated 90 degrees or some shit. Okay, I sound way more mad about that than I actually am, but I'VE HAD MY BOX OF DESK STUFF READY FOR A MONTH!! GRRRAAHHHH!!!

Oh well. I guess I look super prepared now. And given my usual lack of preparedness, I need all the good impressions I can get.

That's something that I find super weird, actually. Maybe it's just the years of steeping in an undiagnosed mental illness talking, but I'm always very surprised when the people at my job tell me I'm well-put-together or good at talking. That's... that's insane. It's not me. What do you see in me?? My ADHD ass couldn't even remember what day it was. For that matter, FUCK I NEED TO EAT BREAKFAST. Promise me, Medley, promise me that you'll eat breakfast when you're done with this. Won't you?

Speaking of future plans! This Friday, I'm gonna get in a car with two of my friends and one acquaintance and go bowling! Ahhh, I'm so excited. I would have been more excited if we were also going to hit up my favorite sushi place afterwards, but apparently one of them has a shellfish allergy, so ah... yeah, probably for the best that we don't. But I will forever dream of the Sakura Roll that I won't be able to eat. Although, my birthday is coming up fast, maybe I can haggle a sushi dinner out of my mother... I am the favorite, after all.


Medley, signing out. But not really. I'm gonna code all day, I'll definitely still be here.