Happy Pride 2023!

Posted on: 06/01/2023

And as the year turns around, we arrive at yet another June. Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog.

On this day just last year, I put out my first blog post ever. It's kind of insane to think that was already so long ago. So, happy one year anniversary of my sporadic blogging as well, I suppose, in addition to my usual Happy Pride.

This is my first Pride ever on HRT, which is pretty special to me. I've been on testosterone for the better part of a year now (since September? It coincided with when I started my new job, I think), and even though I might be too old for it to have any drastic effects on my height like I would have wanted, I feel more like a man than I ever have in my life. I feel like myself, with my thin little mustache and my slightly worse acne. It's a point of pride for me, honest.

My friends have heard no end of it since yesterday. I'm excited about Pride, more than I ever have been before, and I don't even have any plans to go to parades. I'm excited to be me! Openly, unabashedly TRANSGENDER!!! Who gives a shit what other people think? I'll kill them with my lasers! (BTW, trans friends who haven't started HRT yet, it DOES give you cool superpowers like laser beams and super strength, trust me.)

Anywho, all that aside, there's some other cool things happening around me too! Someone in my department at work is leaving! Normally this would be sad, and of course it is, don't get me wrong, but her departure is letting me pick up some extra hours, and... potentially one other thing, actually!

Let me explain: as of now I'm a Tier 1 Assistant, but the person leaving is a Tier 2. So, in addition to a posting for a new Tier 1 Assistant to fill the office space, my workplace is also seeking a new Tier 2. And what do you know, I meet all the basic qualifications! (Not some of the preferred ones, but when has that ever stopped me? They know me. I'm literally the best.)

Anyways, of course I'm going to apply for it. I just hope I don't have to interview a third time... I'm kind of the worst at interviews. Like, come on, you've known me for two years! I have been nothing but good at my job! Well, maybe that's taking it too far, but... I've never made the same mistake twice? Also, I'm so charming and likeable and funny? I dunno. Maybe I'll have to work a bit more on my pitch.

I have the feeling this position was made for me though. There ain't no way they'll hire two new guys. Come onnnn.

Also, I've been chugging along on some of the OC stuff I mentioned in my last blog post with the help of a couple friends. Once I finish the playlist, the other playlist, the other other playlist, and all the documents for the lore, I'm hoping I'll like looking at them enough that I'll want to put up a page about them on the ol' website.

I don't often share my OCs with the larger world, and I'd love be able to change this. Unfortunately, original art on social media is hard to get going off the ground. It's easy to get pigeonholed into fandom creation, to surround yourself with accounts that live and breathe One Specific Thing and nothing else. Granted, the OCs I'm talking about here are Starbound OCs, so there's something, I guess? But who cares about Starbound anymore? It's just worse Terraria, but in space.

Sigh. One day I'll have so many fans that I'll be able to post anything and receive sufficient positive engagement about it. But hopefully I won't get as famous as my friend Mikey. Just, like, a comfortable amount, you know? Enough that people aren't weird about me.

Oh shit. I just received word that the food I ordered got cancelled. Guess I gotta find something to eat. Maybe I'll go fry some frozen dumplings. Hopefully that's not too loud...

This is Medley, signing off!