▣ Humanoids, anthros, cryptids, and robots of any gender and body type
▣ Armor and weapons
▣ Couples and ships, including those from media
▣ Moderate gore / body horror

▣ Ships involving real non-consenting people
▣ Racist caricatures
▣ Content that is meant to be harmful to someone
▣ Content I find to be problematic outside of these guidelines
▣ NSFW or heavy gore
▣ Overly complicated designs (always ask if you aren't sure-- questions are free!)

When requesting a commission, I expect you to be prepared with visual references of the character you want me to draw, as well as some idea of a pose/background. I also appreciate it when customers give me mood boards/songs to follow.
This is for your own gain. I work best with clear direction and inspiration (I have aphantasia, so I don't have a real "mind's eye", as it were). That is to say, if you tell me nothing but to "go crazy with it", I will not go very crazy with it.

I only accept payment after I have completed an example sketch and you have explicitly approved it. Without a full payment, I will not continue to work on your commission past that point.
I accept payment through my Ko-fi. I am able to take both credit/debit card (via Stripe) and PayPal.

You can contact me via my email or Twitter DMs, or over Discord if we know each other. I am usually able to respond within the day, but I have no way to predict my workload as of writing this, so please be patient.
There is a chance that my slots will be full if/when you contact me. Check this page/my Twitter for updates about free commission slots.